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Karma - Back & Forth

CYN018 is the follow up to Karma’s 2014 smash ‘Terminal’.

It was one of the most talked about and played beats of the year and with ‘Back & Forth’ he’s picking up right where ‘Terminal’ left off. Known for his soulful guitar licks and deft liquid touch, Karma’s ability to grind out these gnarly stompers is uncanny. ‘Back & Forth’ rumbles into view like an oncoming army, skitty drums popping off like warning shots with a battle cry of ‘Drop It’.

The flip is the delectable ‘Silhouettes’. Straight vibes from the outset, it’s the perfect contrast to ‘Back & Forth’. The girl next door vocals of Emmy J Mac wrap themselves round you like a warm embrace as the sun sets on another festival season.

This will no doubt be the anthem for lost lovers and magical moments on beaches around Europe in 2014. With support widespread across the underground and rising, it’s clear Karma’s not content with the damage done with ‘Terminal’, CYN018 is all out war!


Karma - Back & Forth

Cyantific - Ice Cream Vanilla Mix

CYN017 is the quick-fire VIP release of Cyantific’s smash ‘Ice Cream’.

Summer is in full swing and as festival season grinds into first gear, this ‘Vanilla Mix’ of the original is the only weaponry you’ll need to lay siege to any arena, dance floor or even BBQ garden party!

Since ‘Ice Cream’ held the top spot on Beatport for over 3 weeks, people have been crying for the ‘Vanilla Mix’ as Friction championed it on his Radio 1 Radio Show. Dj’s like Andy C and Wilkinson have made sure the clubs have been on full alert too with this on instant reload in every set.

Cyantific drops an entire blender’s worth of tasty treats into this mix, creating an Ice Cream foghorn to make the kids line the streets around globe begging for a taste.

Grab a spoon, tuck in and don’t stop til the whole tub’s demolished.


This VIP package is the perfect showcase of how far Dimension has come in his 2 years on CYN.

Cyantific - Ice Cream Vanilla Mix

Dimension VIP Package

CYN016 sees Dimension deliver this highly anticipated VIP package.

Having crushed the Beatport chart and being play-listed on BBC 1xtra, 'Crowd Reaction' gets injected with some serious muscle. One of the most successful young producers in recent years spares nothing here, transforming the original into a fully energetic dance floor workout.

The flip is the VIP treatment of Dimension's debut single on CYN. Back in 2012, 'Digital World' was his first warning shot on the drum and bass scene and this updated version shows he's got no intention of a ceasefire.


This VIP package is the perfect showcase of how far Dimension has come in his 2 years on CYN.

Dimension VIP Package

Dub Motion - 'Gold' B/W 'Soul Intention'

For our 4th release of 2014, the CYN Research & Development team have reached out to one of the most promising young producers in the UK.

While Dub Motion has made a name for himself with his rugged style, CYN are proud to release a really mature and emotive record in CYN015 - 'Gold'/'Soul Intention'. Diverse and progressive, 23 year old Dub Motion is pushing himself across the spectrum of drum and bass music.

'Gold' is a powerhouse. Luscious textures and a cinematic build up culminate in a staggering main room juggernaut. Glistening in the darkness with skill and precision, 'Gold' shows why Dub Motion is 2014's rough diamond.

The flip is the divine 'Soul Intention'. This is a breathtaking, soul soaked roller. The warmth of the bass and intimacy of the chords will challenge anyone not to fall head over heels with this tune. The ripples are still being felt from when we first dropped 'Soul Intention'.

Dub Motion - Gold

Cyantific - ‘Hard Times’ B/W ‘Type A’

Cyantific - Hard Times / Type A CYN014 is Cyantific's follow up to the 2013 smash 'Ice Cream'.

The A side is 'Hard Times', an emotive roller with a devastating effect. Upon impact, the intro drums sounds like a man hitting the highway to hell. Dipping it's toe in the water of the early 2000's soulful sound and wiping it's feet with his trademark 80's swagger, Cyantific's 'Hard Times' is pounding the tarmac like a 69 Chevy.

The flip, 'Type A' shows a producer truly having fun. This is an anthem for the mid-west, gun toting lunatic fringe. Swaying in cock-eyed and blind drunk, the bass-line on this one pings in out of nowhere and will catch you like the hit from a Hillbilly uppercut. A Love song? A Psycho Manifest? This one's on prison break, catch it before it does some real damage.

Here's CYN014, catch a good ol' slice of the American Dream - Just don't lock yourself in a motel cupboard with a party-pack and a sawn off.


Cyantific - Hard Times

Karma - ‘Terminal’ B/W ‘Open Your Eyes’

CYN’s second release of the year sees their recent signing Karma drop his follow up to 2013’s ‘Her Touch’.

‘Terminal’ is an absolute beast. It’s one of those beats that has everyone talking. With support from Andy C, Friction, Loadstar, Camo & Krooked, Teebee, Spectrasoul and Mefjus to name but a few, it’s clear to see this is being picked up by everyone across the scene.

Typically known for his soulful liquid sound, Karma delivers a real uppercut to 2014 with ‘Terminal’. This will rattle you to the very core, splitting atoms and laying waste to molecules - putting you back together in a totally new way. This is drum and bass through a microscope, stripped back to its raw elements and you’re going to love what you see magnified on the slide.

The flip side is Karma’s undeniable style. ‘Open Your Eyes’ has the depth of a Motown classic and the bubble of the finest Premier beat. Crashing down like a tidal wave of soul, the man from the mysterious island of funk comes correct with this slice of future boogie. This wraps its arms around you and will be melted to your mind for a hot minute!

‘Terminal’ b/w ‘Open Your Eyes’ is a record CYN are truly proud to release. Get behind CYN013 and show some love!

Karma - Terminal

Dimension - Command/Pathogen/Crowd Reaction

CYN’s first release of 2014 starts the year off nicely. Dimension drops a 3 track package set to stun.

Firstly comes the Beatport exclusive of ‘Crowd Reaction’, a tune championed by Friction on his Radio1 show and more at the tail end of 2013. This tore the roof off New Years Eve parties everywhere and is the one to draw for in January.

Showcasing a new style for Dimension, this hurter is doing the business in a big way.

The full release, available digitally and on 12” from Jan 27th includes ‘Command' and ‘Pathogen'.

‘Command’ delivers a destructively catchy vocal which rides a bouncing metronomic bass line. Dimension draws for his trademark synths and main arena vibes. Uplifting and emotive, this is a fuel injection straight to the beating heart of the dance floor.

While ‘Command’ draws the people in, ‘Pathogen’ gets the pistons moving and is the roaring engine under the hood of this release. As the wires integrate and pulse, this hazardous mechanical beast is spreading it’s chemical overdose worldwide. The thunderous revving bass is like a drag race between anthrax and ecstasy.

Call in the HazMat team and get yourself on lockdown - this one’s causing irreparable damage and you’ll be a carrier before you know it.

Dimension - Command/Pathogen/Crowd Reaction
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